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  • CANON: Macross Delta
  • CANON POINT: Post Ending
  • AGE: 15
  • SPECIES: Windermerean
  • CURRENT GAME(S): [community profile] driftfleet
  • Bright, cheerful, optimistic, pacifistic, brave. Unsure of herself, scared of hurting others, reckless. These are all words that describe Freyja, though she's far more likely to show the first set than the second set (minus her reckless behavior) because she doesn't want to be the downer that causes trouble, and she doesn't like feeling that way to begin with. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she adores the vast majority of the galaxy even if she hasn't met them yet... but she wants to create peace with her song. She absolutely believes that she needs to live life to the fullest, and because of this, she tries incredibly hard to keep things from dragging her down. Or, because she thinks something may slip by her, she'll just sneak into an apple crate and let herself get shipped across the galaxy in that. With all of this said, though, she still only a fifteen year old despite being middle aged for her race. She does have some confidence issues when she's struggling to figure out what she wants to fight for. She doubts herself. There was a time where she doubted whether she should even sing or not, because what if it only continued to hurt the people she loved? These were all things she eventually overcame, but certainly not on her own. She made it with the support of her friends.
  • BIRTHDAY: November 3, 2052
  • HAIR & EYE COLOR: Peach with blonde highlights. Green.
  • HEIGHT: 5'
  • BUILD: Tiny and thin, though she has some decent muscle even if it's not immediately apparent.
  • IMPORTANT APPEARANCE INFO: Flaky white patches on her left hand that may or may not resemble ash. Heart-shaped rune on her head.
  • AFFILIATION: Walküre
  • OCCUPATION: Idol, singer
  • WINDERMEREAN: Being a Windermerean means a lot of things, but first and foremost they are all in possession of something known a rune! It's a little thing on a hair colored mini-tentacle that can be a variety of shapes (though Freyja's is shaped like a heart). While windermereans are naturally sensitive, if they use their rune to amplify things, they can be even more sensitive. They can use it to push their bodies to the limit, even at the cost of draining their own life force. Which is naturally short, by the way, because of the extra abilities their rune grants them. She naturally will not live past the age of 30 because of the abilities her race has.
  • SYNESTHESIA: Due to the rune being such a thing, Windermereans see the world a little differently thanks to their enhanced senses. This manifests in various kinds of synesthesia. She often remarks that various sounds feel like something to her, or look like something.
  • SINGING AND DANCING: Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • SONG BUFFING: This goes into some things mentioned above thanks to her heritage, but her entire race was basically designed to be a song buffing bioweapon type Vajra experiment thing (probably) by the Protoculture. She can essentially overclock people depending on how strong her fold wave output is, though some people are naturally sensitive to that (like Hayate). Spoilers, you don't want her to and she doesn't want to do it either. While possible to feel it without the ruins amplifying it, the ruins are the thing most likely to cause this issue.
  • Backtagging Okay?: Yes
  • Threadjacking/hopping Okay?: Yes
  • HMD: Talk to me
  • Contact: PM me or add me on plurk at [ profile] kyuupin
  • OOC Journal: [personal profile] taimi
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